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MasterFlo® Microfiber Depth Filtration Media

Microcell® II for D&I Filtration

QualiFlo® Gradient Polyester Filtration Media

Reemay® Spunbond Polyester Filtration Media

Reemay® Pool & Spa Filtration Media

Reemay® with Microban® Antimicrobial Product Protection  Pool and Spa Filtration Media

Reemay® Sonic Bonded Layered Polypropylene (SBLP)


SnoWeb EFP

StarWeb® Polyester Scrim

Synergex® Composite Polyester Filtration Media

Typar®/Tekton® Spunbond Polypropylene* Filtration Media

Spunbond Polyester Filtration Media

Reemay¨ Spunbond Polyester Filtration Media

Reemay spunbond polyester media is used in numerous filtration applications because of its purity, strength and quality. It contains no binders, so the filtering area is not limited and there are no potential contaminants to leach out during the filtration process. Excellent for die cutting and slitting, Reemay is unlikely to ravel or fray. Both round and trilobal cross sections are available.

  • Spunbond polyester
  • Continuous filament construction to minimize fiber migration and add strength
  • No binders to limit filtering area
  • Thermally and ultrasonically sealable
  • Round and trilobal cross sections
  • Product weights: 0.35-6 osy (12-203 gsm)

To request more information and a sample of Reemay® Spunbond Polyester Filtration Media, please Click Here.


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