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Synergex® Offers Exceptional Liquid Filtration Qualities
Made of 100 percent polyester and produced by calendering single or multiple layers of light-weight Reemay® into a single sheet, Synergex® has exceptional uniformity and offers the same excellent filtering qualities as other Reemay products for superior liquid filtration. In addition, Synergex can be combined with other types of nonwovens, films or scrims to create completely new composite products for specific applications. It is available in flat-bonded and pattern-bonded styles.

Synergex contains no resins, additives or binders, so there are no potential contaminants to leach out during the filtration process. In addition, the media’s filtering area is not limited by the presence of binders. It maintains its physical properties when wet and is dimensionally stable.

Its continuous filament structure ensures Synergex has excellent uniformity and edge stability with no fuzzing and that there are no short staple fibers to be carried downstream and contaminate the filtrate. Reemay is approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in food and beverage filtration applications.

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