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A spunbonded polyester noted for its purity and strength at a light weight and high melting point.

A spunbonded polypropylene frequently used as a support to filtration media.






Fiberweb® Filtration Offers Filtration Media for Support.

Fiberweb Filtration Offers Filtration Media for Support.

Critical, high purity filtration applications require media that, in order to be effective, must have a support structure.

Fiberweb Filtration support media for composite structures offer excellent strength, uniformity and heat stability. They have no chemical binders or binders such as glue, adhesives or acrylic to limit the filtering area, and they are pleatable with both rotary and push bar pleaters. Available in a variety of basis weights to ensure many levels of permeability, the uniformity of our support structures makes them easy to process.

Our media have excellent dust-holding capacity, low pressure drop, high strength and stiffness, and resistance to tearing. They are engineered with continuous filaments which ensures a non-dusting characteristic and minimal fiber migration. The polypropylene scrims are excellent for use in electrostatically charged composites, especially with meltblowns.

Fiberweb Filtration has the expertise, filter media selection and technical capabilities to solve your air filtration support structure needs in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

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