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Transportation Filtration Media

Engine Intake
Gradient filtration with excellent efficiencies, exceptional dirt holding capacity and low pressure drop.

Gas Removal
CPS (Celbond® Particulate Structures)

A platform technology for the immobilization of functional particles in a three-dimensional fibrous structure. Functional particles, such as activated carbon, zeolites, ion exchange agents or whatever is specific to your need, are arranged in a three-dimensionally spaced configuration without the use of adhesives.




Fiberweb® Filtration Offers Filtration Media for Transportation Filtration.

Fiberweb Filtration Offers Filtration Media for Transportation Filtration.

The cabin air filtration market includes automotive, heavy truck, aircraft and marine applications. As consumers become more knowledgeable about the amount of air pollution they are breathing, reducing that pollution becomes more important. (A study, recently updated, by the California Resources Board measured the concentration of pollutants found inside automobiles. To learn more about this study, visit

We supply roll goods media that can be pleated and framed by filter manufacturers. Our roll goods media can be created to address specific pollutants, and custom tailored to exceed your specific design and performance requirements. Custom basis weights are available that are capable of targeting specific challenge gases and vapors. Gas and particulate (Combi) media are also available.

Reemay Filtration has the expertise, filter media selection and technical capabilities to solve your Transportation Filtration needs in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

If the product you need is not on this web site or if you have questions, please contact us.

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